A long time ago I was an engineering major in college. Then I accidentally sat through the wrong calculus class and didn't realize it because I was so used to being hopelessly lost. That was when I decided that maybe the math thing wasn't my boat of gravy. After a short stint of being bored by an architecture curriculum, I instead earned a degree in art. Always a money maker.


I followed the footsteps of my artistic heroes Andy Warhol and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and became a graphic designer. I made a little cash. I went on my own as an independent freelance art director, which I still am today. I enjoy it well enough.


However, as visual language became my meal ticket, the emotion of it, the feels, often got lost in the minutiae. Graphic design exists to sell, to entice, to force an emotion. I only wanted to tell a story.


So I did. I sat down and started writing. Then I stopped. Started again. Took a class, met some other writers. Stopped. Started. Had a set of twins. A that point I thought I would stop for good, but I didn't; I went into overdrive. I wrote between clients, during babies' naps, late at night when everyone else slept. It became my escape, my oxygen. Now it's what keeps me sane and balanced.


Favorite color: Red

Favorite books:
     A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN by Betty Smith

     STATION ELEVEN by Emily St. John Mandel

     ANGELA'S ASHES by Frank McCourt

     THE BELL JAR by Sylvia Plath

Favorite movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Favorite album: U2's Achtung Baby

Favorite beverage: Red wine

Favorite vacation spot: Maui; specifically, the Barefoot Bar at the Hula Grill on Ka'anapali Beach during the evening Mai Tai happy hour

Favorite time of day: Dusk

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite class in high school: Physics

The thing I love to hate: Running

Worst subject in school: Besides calculus? French

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